Friday, May 14, 2010

Interesting Challenge

Hello boys and girls,

This blog is in an evolutionary stage, meaning, I am jumping through the virtual hoops of a predefined template as I set this up and get myself in a position for all of you to give your due.

The level of depraved anonymity that one can achieve on the web is miraculous, and also a great opportunity for exploration on many levels.  My primary reason and purpose for this blog is to invite frank and creative conversation on all things considered taboo in polite society.
That does not mean that trash or simply boring vulgar conversation will commence.  In fact, I plan to regulate that as closely as I would a pet of mine with a firm hand and in this case a sound whack with an internet crop.  Do not mistake this space for mundane perversion, how boring.

I would expect that none of my readers would be interested in petty perversion, simple vulgarity or the fumbling of a neophyte looking for hot chat.  We will deal with real experience, shared fantasy and frank conversation to help the curious, evolved or established submissive who needs to learn insight on these matters.

With that said, I shall return to my work and diligently bring you insight and mind numbing awe with the changes I plan to implement.

Until then my precious little pets, adieu



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